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What is berber carpet? Berber is a type of carpet that originated with the Berber people in North Africa. The style used all natural materials hand woven by the people it was named after. Today, Berber carpet mostly applies to a style of carpet distinguished by a looped pile construction. Usually Berber carpets are of a single tone with flecks of a similar color embedded in the weave. They are hardy and durable creating an ideal environment for high traffic areas. Modern Berber-style carpeting is no made from a variety of fibers from nylon, to wool and other synthetics.

Wool is well-loved flooring material for it’s many benefits. It provides climate insulation being warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It also absorbs noise better than other types of carpeting making it ideally suited to bedrooms and living rooms. When choosing from our wool carpets, consider the variety of weaves available to you from tufted to looped and cut pile. Visiting a reputable showroom in your area will help you narrow down your choices with full knowledge of the benefits of each type.

Wool carpeting is also a favorite for it’s rich luminous quality. It is soft to the touch and comfortable to walk on. Because it is a naturally renewable fiber, it is one of the most environmentally friendly choices available

At Regina Carpet we believe the process of measuring for your carpet and preparing for the installation is of great importance. It literally makes the difference of how well a carpet will perform and last over the years. It begins when we do the visit to your home in order to properly measure your room and see its layout. This enables us to maximize the carpet and minimize the waste. This is also how we generate a quote for you.

Since most carpet comes in twelve-foot widths many installations require some seaming. Our carpet installation experts know exactly how to properly lay-out the carpet in your room and install it for the best possible results.

Before installation we ask you to prepare your room by removing all furniture. If you have any questions about the process we encourage you to ask questions. Our goal is to make sure your carpet is installed to perfection.

Carpet prices vary widely depending on the fiber used to make the carpet and the style of the weave. Typically wool carpet is more expensive than nylon though in some cases, the most advanced nylons can be higher in price than less durable synthetics.